Backstreet Kids – Producer

Backstreet Kids was a track I produced with one of my older students during his guitar tuition. He wanted to learn how to use his newly invested Logic software and microphones to record his own songs.

This was the first track we did in which I produced and featured on guitar and backing vocals. The drums and bass are midi in this track.

The track is mixed but not mastered.


University Project – Take Me Out (Franz Ferdinand Cover)

For one of our University Projects in second year we had to re-create a track from a list of songs in the most similar way possible to how it was created in the studio.

With the aid of a report, we used extensive research as to how Franz Ferdinand’s ‘Take Me Out’ was recorded not only during the recording stage but during mixing as well.

This was one of the first times Mixing was introduced seriously for a project along with a more polished version due to effects and more time spent on the track.

For this track I played Guitar.

University Project – Second Year – Music Industry

One project carried out during the beginning of my second year at University was to remix a song in a completely different genre. The point was not to use any production techniques (which is why the track sounds very unpolished) however create a remix based on the original stems of a song.

The track I chose to do was Fall Out Boy ‘Sugar We’re Goin’ Down’ in a country style.

This is available on Soundcloud, just click the link below…

University Project – First Year – Science Fiction Soundtrack

In my first year at University, one of our projects was to create a theme for a science fiction style game using the method of sampling and sound design. We could not use any commercial samples however we could include instruments but the tracks had to be blended with lots of our own samples (collected from various field recording sessions).

The track is not at a very good standard however I want to showcase my progress and how far I have come over the previous two years. This was a very early project during my time studying Music Technology and can be looked as a comparison to later submissions.

I achieved a fairly decent grade in this project so it must have conveyed the sense of sampling and shown a good example of science fiction/game music. Timing issues and continuity aside, here is one of my earliest University projects…


My Soundcloud Page

I will be starting to keep my Soundcloud page updated with all of my different styles of music: (there is a link at the bottom of my WordPress)

I have added a new header page from the Internet, here’s credit for that:

I already have a short DJ chart house mix that I made a few years ago that show some of my mixing skills. I do not create my own house music however I favour in mixing other artists.

I have also just uploaded my three A Level Performance tracks that I played on guitar. These are ‘Breezin’ by George Benson, ‘Always With You, Always With Me’ by Joe Satriani and ‘Cause We’ve Ended As Lovers’ by Jeff Beck. My covers can all be found on my Soundcloud.



Bands I Have Seen Live

My post yesterday explained my musical tastes and I had mentioned uploading a document that I keep as a record of who I have seen live both artists and bands. The documents below are the artists I have seen live as well as how many times I have seen them next to it. A lot of these over recent years have been at festivals however live music is a big thing in my life and I spend a lot of my money going to see bands both locally and around the country.

Some of the more recent entries include a band being ‘heard’ but not seen. This was when I worked Download Festival on the bar and couldn’t see the bands properly but heard them. This list also includes a handful of comedians I have caught live.

My Musical Taste

I feel like my musical taste will have a big impact on what I write and the approach I take to producing. I would like to include EVERYTHING I do musically on this blog which spans from great musical achievements, my own music and things I have learnt to what live music I’m going to see, what bands I’m into and even reviews of albums.

To list all of the bands I have been to see live already (ever since I started going to gigs when I was 12) would be too much of a big task. At some point, I will upload my folder where I keep track of who I go to see so you can see the full picture however I will list off some examples below.

Since I was little, I was brought up listening to Bruce Springsteen and this immediately made me want to learn guitar as well as introduce myself to artistic names such as Bob Dylan, Neil Young and Paul Simon.

Rock, pop and folk can all be derived from these artists and this merges into modern bands too. After seeing The Gaslight Anthem support Springsteen in 2009 at London’s Hard Rock Calling I have been mad on this band, being even more appreciative of Brian Fallon’s solo album ‘Painkillers’.

My rock taste spans from old school such as Elvis, The Beatles, The Rolling Stones and The Who to legendary guitarists like Jeff Beck, Joe Satriani and Prince and also to more modern alternative bands such as Twin Atlantic, Lower Than Atlantis and Don Broco.

I am big on my classic rock as a lot of this was great inspiration for playing lead guitar. This includes the likes of AC/DC, Whitesnake, Journey and Guns N’ Roses.

I am also a big fan of aspects of the metal scene. With bands like Limp Bizkit, Rage Against The Machine and System Of A Down taking a different spin on metal. I prefer this to pure metal like Metallica, Slayer and Avenged Sevenfold (although I don’t mind these bands).

Indie Rock is a genre fairly up my street too. One I often come back to and think I should listen too more. I am big on the Arctic Monkeys, The Kooks, The Wombats and The Kaiser Chiefs. I also appreciate the more alternative and ‘weird’ music scene that includes bands such as Bombay Bicycle Club, Everything Everything, Tame Impala and Alt-J.

Leaning more on the punk side of things, I was brought up also listening to Stiff Little Fingers and this has brought me to like bands such as the Sex Pistols and the Clash as well as more modern names like Green Day and Sum 41.

This genre touches more on the Pop Punk side of things that I have been a big fan of since being a teenager. Bands like Blink-182, Fall Out Boy, Bowling For Soup, You Me At Six, All Time Low, Good Charlotte have all been inspirations for me over the years. Even more modern pop punk like Neck Deep, The Wonder Years and Moose Blood have caught my attention. There is also the heavier side of pop punk, reaching into ‘Screamo’ territory. This hosts bands such as A Day To Remember and Bring Me The Horizon which I adore some of their songs and despise some of their more ‘screamy’ work as it is one of the only genres that does not click with me.

In terms of chart music, while I can agree that much of it is generic, there are some good songs out there. Certain bands that I am a massive fan off slip into the charts as they are on the border of alternative. Bands like this are Coldplay, The 1975, Walk The Moon, James Bay, Jake Bugg, Bastille, Lukas Graham and Twenty-One Pilots.

When relating to dance music I feel like a lot of it is simple, repetitive melodies that do not have much feeling. Whilst some of their popular tunes are catchy, they have no real talent. Examples include Justin Bieber, Drake, Chris Brown and Nikki Minaj. R&B and Rap have never caught my attention greatly although I don’t mind some Eminem and Macklemore from time to time. Grime is a no entry zone for me I’m afraid.

House music on the other hand is something I cater towards. DJing myself, I prefer mixing house tracks than trance or Drum and Bass. I even dig some Dubstep and Trap music; some conflicting genres. I enjoy the house music that has feel from artists like Avicii, Sigala, Sub Focus, Above and Beyond and Calvin Harris.

Country music is one of my favourite genres. Whilst unusual to be an English kid with so much taste for American country music, I am proud of that fact. I love older artists who inspired modern day country such as Johnny Cash, Hank Williams, Willie Nelson and Waylon Jennings. Moving through the decades I started appreciating more modern country music such as Hank Williams Jr., Alan Jackson, George Strait, Eddie Rabbitt and Mark Chesnutt. Going even more modern I appreciate the likes of Mumford and Sons, Lady Antebellum, The Shires and The Lumineers.

In terms of genres I like but have not massively looked into, I do appreciate musicals. Being involved in some in the past I do like the complexity of scores such as Les Miserables, Oliver and The Sound Of Music. Classical is another genre I hope to get into more in the future, enjoying the sounds of Beethovan, Mozart and Chopin but never delving into the genre that much.

Most of these bands and artists I have been lucky enough to see live in the past and that is a big accomplishment for my age. I will upload my folder sometime in the near future so you can see exactly which artists I have seen live and how much I enjoy my live music.